Where innovators collaborate to build a better Las Vegas

No experience necessary—but grit is!

What you need to know

A hackathon is an endurance event of the mind and the body. Together with brilliant people from all walks of life, you will create an idea and build it into an awesome product or prototype in a short but intense period of time. The goal is to create or ideate a solution to a problem or create a better future for the residents of Las Vegas.
Our first hackathon will be challenging Valley teens, in partnership with Green Our Planet, to feed Las Vegas families. How? Well, that’s the fun part, and it’s up to each group to figure out! Will it be hydroponics? Will it be with existing gardens? Can they grow food up a wall? What’s the most nutritionally dense food per square foot?

We don't just rely on Lady Luck (we do 😘 her though). We are…

💻 Tech Focused

Technology provides us with a competitive edge against the city’s most complex and pressing problems. How can we leverage technology to solve these problems?

❤️ Community Driven

We are focused on the Las Vegas community because we love it and it’s worth betting on. We also believe that Vegas is filled with brilliant and underutilized talent that can contribute to making a meaningful difference. Built by us, for us.

💡 Innovative

What worked yesterday may not work today. We need to challenge the ways we’ve done things in the past and create new, disruptive thought patterns and actions.

🦸🏽 Impact Driven

We’re here for the results. How many people can we positively impact? Those are our most important metrics. We strive to positively impact the hackathon attendees as much as the mission of the hackathon.

📈 Growth Minded

Each Hackathon will have a different problem to tackle and in order to make meaningful recommendations we must all be constantly learning, growing, and improving. We work hard for the city that plays hard.

☮️ Diversity Conscious

Las Vegas isn’t a homogeneous city and neither are it’s problems. We celebrate diversity in thought, which only comes when everyone has an equal opportunity to get a seat at the table and contribute.